Peretz Media - Definition

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Peretz | [peh-retz] noun : a jewish male given name, also is the given name of a creative master of practical art : eg. "Peretz made our logo".
Media | [mee-dee-uh] noun : a means of communication
(in Print, Audio, Video and Internet etc.)

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1) Send me your order with a 40% (PayPal) deposit, then tell me exactly what you want.
(by email or by phone)

2) I will then send you (within 3-5 working days) 3 custom design concepts for you to choose from.
(At this point your feedback will be most welcome).

3) If you would like, I will send you another 2 design choices for you to choose from.

Choose the final design, and pay the
final 60% payment (with PayPal).

5) I will then send you an email with the final high quality design files.

(Speed of design completion, depends largely on your timely feedback).

Thats it.

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